Hello, my name is Brooklyn, and welcome to my little corner! This place is meant to be a refreshing nook for readers who enjoy the flair of traditionally-styled and spiritually uplifting prose and verse. My hope is that you find something special here that will bless, encourage, and inspire you on your journey.

To view samples of my previously published poetry, short stories, and articles, please visit the respective “Selected” options on the menu bar and scroll down the page to view the multiple selections. New content is posted on the blog. To inquire about purchasing my stage play scripts, please contact me directly by leaving a comment on one of my posts, or by emailing me at: thebiegelfamily@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest, and for stopping by!

Recent Posts:

A Mary’s Prayer

Wash my eyes, Master, unstop my ears, remove the veil from thy word; Save this soul from these drowning tears, and gird this mind ‘gainst self’s dread cord! Let these eyes with brightness shine, denoting peace and hope within That comes from thy strength so divine and slays the lying tongue of sin. Be thy … Continue reading A Mary’s Prayer


Dedicated to my Dad, Robert (Bob) Charles Biegel, who was born again in Jesus this day; October 18, 1989, at 9:00AM My daddy’s hands are big and strong, His heart is good–they do no wrong; And when my heart sinks in the sand I reach out quick for Daddy’s hand. My daddy’s hands are always … Continue reading MY DADDY’S HANDS


A tiny seed you were in early May; You drank in dewy moisture by the day And tried to reach your sprouts along the way And shove your tender stalk up through the clay. One morning sunlight filtered through the gloom Of dirty clods that made your lonely room And with the dream in sun … Continue reading TO A SUNFLOWER

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