I’ve Heard Tell

I’ve heard tell of wander-lust
And men and boys beside
Who sought out nature’s gold-dust
And left their fireside
With youthful lustre in their eyes—
No thought for hearts their passions crushed—
Their lips and arms gave feigned goodbyes
They did not feel, nor cared they rushed.

I’ve heard tell of wander-lust
And women and girls beside
Who dab on fashion’s eye-dust
And flee their husband’s side
With not a care of home’s demise—
Or thought for how he feels the thrust—
She shuns her role and her children’s cries
To find her fame in the world’s eyes.

I’ve heard tell of wander-lust
And children and youths beside
Who grew up never life-rushed
And loved the ocean tide
Of life’s sweet calm, no compromise
That steered to things that rust;
Moth-eaten dreams their eyes never cried—
For a child's heart has a child's trust.

And I’ve heard tell of wander-lust
And a handful I’ve known beside
Who hate this world’s gold-dust
And choose a road not wide;
They maybe have no envious eyes
Of man or name fixed on their private ways,
But God’s hand gives them restful days
That hold the peace of the Only-Wise.


10 thoughts on “I’ve Heard Tell

  1. Very beautiful, Brooke! The turn in stanza 3 surprised me, because you could have continued with the draw of secularism/pop culture on children. Enlightening, appealing, and redeeming.

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  2. What you suggest spurs thoughts on a small piece I had in mind to explore some of the ways secular modern culture has affected life now… glad you enjoyed this one, thank you for the kind words 🙂

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  3. I like how the first and last stanzas relate and yet are worlds apart–one eluding to the gold rush and the other to heavenly treasure, and how those who ‘hate this world’s gold dust and choose a road not wide’ seem to be enjoying peace because they have come to find joy in God Himself. Thank you, and good job Brook 🙂

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  4. New kid here!! (via the YouTube channel). Despite an impressively demanding schedule the last couple days, I keep coming back to read this. All of your work that I have read so far is exceptional, but there is such a quiet but profoundly deep wisdom here, and that gentle gravity of Grace. It has been ministering to me like a cup of cold water (Mt. 10:42) and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’. 🙂 Hope you’re having a fun day! – Joey

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    • Hi Joey! Welcome! and thank you for your sweet note. To hear from readers that my work has somehow been salty salt in their lives gives me immense joy… “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” II Cor. 9:15.
      May your day and work also be blessed in Yeshua!


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