Forever and Forever


God heard the words—’twas like a carol clearly
Chanted through the echos of years early
As the lips of youth were speaking holy
	The vow that lasts forever.
“This day give I thine hand the key
Of my own heart, my love to thee;
Our lives are wed, will ever be
	Forever and forever."

With every word swelled new emotion clear,
And year by year the lovers grew more dear,
While seeing visions of their youth appear
	Reflections in the river.
No hands more tender, no hearts more fully true,
Than man and wife whose love ran ever-new
As did the rushing river running blue
	Forever and forever.

The course was staid, the three-strand cord
Grew stronger though cares pressed them hard,
For both had sorrow’s mem’ry shared
	With courage, waning never.
And passing through the sphere of life’s pace,
To each spake they with heaven’s holy grace,
Words that e’en time cannot erase,
	“Forever, love; forever.”

Though tempest blew, the race went steadily
For those who trod the path along the sea
Of their life's trials—they whispered readily,
	“Forever we’re together.”
And never moved by age's impending sway,
Nor letting evil tongues bear them away
They sang again the Master’s perfect way:
	“Forever and forever!”

And now with words of simple faith they pray
That this such truthful love will stay
Each wedded two in one united way
	Till death, and happy-ever:
"May our Creator’s wisdom now impart
A portion of his love in each young heart—
What God hath joined let no man part,
	Forever and forever."

4 thoughts on “Forever and Forever

  1. I saw your dad’s testimony and my husband too was an alcoholic and received Christ as his Savior. We’ve been married 45 years and we’re blessed with 7 children. Your poem expresses a true love between husband and wife.

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    • Thank you, Tari! It’s lovely to hear from you, and also to learn of your family’s beautiful testimony. Praise Yah for his glorious gift of redemption!


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